Our commitment to responsible gaming

Canada's gaming industry is the world leader and unambiguous in its intent to promote responsible play, and support research, education programs and other initiatives that deliver on this commitment. In 2010, the industry spent in excess of $100 million to support academic research, responsible gambling education and awareness, and treatment for problem gamblers.

The industry works to provide its customers the tools they need to make informed decisions. Gaming operators, regulators and managers make business decisions that balance economic and social impact. This approach to social responsibility is shared nationally, with the goal of allowing adults over the age of majority to enjoy gambling safely, as an entertainment activity.

From coast to coast, Canada fosters informed player choice. Although the vast majority of players gamble without a problem, new initiatives intended to improve understanding of gambling risks and assist players stay within their limits are developed on an ongoing basis. Each province has unique initiatives and commitments designed to do this; however, While specific programs may very from province to province they all ahere to the following principles:

  • Always checking for identification and preventing minors from purchasing or accessing gambling products.
  • Offering voluntary self exclusion to players in casinos or other gaming centres.
  • Incorporating a message about responsibility in all advertising, such as "know your limit, play within it".
  • Making sure players can easily find the number for a toll-free problem gambling helpline.
  • Having an annual or multi-year provincial strategy that guides operators and outlines the type of research, programs, regulations, or awareness-raising initiatives that will be funded and delivered.
  • Fostering collaboration by participating in the Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling and/or the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation's responsible gambling sub-committee.
  • Furthering knowledge and research by participating in Canada's leading industry conferences, such as Discovery, Nova Scotia's Responsible Gambling Conference, or the Alberta Conference on Gambling Research and the Canadian Gaming Summit.

Canada is unequivocally a leader in social responsibility, with a gaming industry that is a testing ground for innovative responsible gambling initiatives and rich with evidence-based approaches to fostering informed player choice.